If you live in the Charlotte, NC area & are interested in baby sign language classes at your location, I'd be happy to speak with you! I have over 30 themed classes that we can customize for your group. I'm a certified Signing Time Academy instructor as well as an educator. I've been teaching baby sign language classes for 4 years & all 3 of my girls began signing when they were around 6 months old. Here are some class options:

  • A single intro to Baby Sign Language Class
  • Workshop on the benefits of Signing with your Baby & mini Demo class (I've taught in chiropractic practices as well as at Babies "R" Us)
  • A Series of Classes offered to your local playgroup/moms group with a mini graduation ceremony in the last class. (We can customize the class themes you are interested in.)
  • Baby Sign Language Birthday Party
  • Signing Story Time at your local baby boutique or coffee shop
  • Workshops for teachers in Daycares/Schools on how to implement Sign Language into the Classroom with the option of a complete signing curriculum & demo class
  • Sign Language Enrichment Program in Elementary Schools
  • Fulfill your Girl Scout or American Heritage Girl ASL Badge Requirement            

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