The Most Unique Gender Reveal

                                       PINK or BLUE

                                       PINK or BLUE

Gender reveals are all the rage nowadays!  I can certainly see why!  It’s a great excuse to have a party, put up some adorable gender reveal decorations and celebrate the new life that's just a few months away from entering, and might I say rocking your world.  My husband and I have 3 daughters and there we were...20 the sonogram room.  You can imagine that the anticipation of waiting to see if we actually make boys was super heightened  ;-).  We never had a big gender reveal for our other children.  We found out right in the sonogram room about the gender of baby #1 and baby #2.  For baby #3, we waited until the actual birth to find out her gender and to our surprise we were so amazed by the water birth experience we had with her, that we actually forgot to check and see what her gender was right when she was born! 


It's a common scenario that one parent wants to know the gender while the other doesn't.  In our case, it was my husband that was adamatly against finding out the gender of baby #4...  

"It's one of the few surprises left in life!"  He said.  

That's fantastic..."Let's celebrate one of the few surprises left in life with a gender reveal!"  I said.  

That's pretty much the gist of our conversations leading up to the 20 week sonogram. We were on opposite sides of the fence. 

One of the main reasons hubby didn't want a gender reveal is that they've become so predictable!  Nothing out there was unique anymore... 

We had our sonogram technician place the results of our baby's gender into an envelope just in case he changed his mind.  This was pure torture for me and pure joy for him!  I do not have the patience he has and he knows it!  God's still working on me!  ;-)  It took everything I could not to tear open the envelope and start getting the baby clothes ready.  The planner in me was going absolutely bonkers!  It was my cousin who finally saved the day.  She made an offer he couldn't refuse...

"Send me the envelope and I'll make sure to send you both the most unique gender reveal."

I was shocked that he actually agreed!  The envelope was shipped off to Missouri, where she lives, and we waited.  A text finally came in that said our reveal would be at promptly 3pm on Monday.  We had no idea what to expect!

So there we were... It was finally Monday afternoon!  What in the world was she was up to?  We wondered.  

It's one thing not to know the gender of our baby.  It's another thing to not even know the means by which we'll find out.  My girls had a lot of fun waiting until 3pm came.  Their eyes were pretty much glued to the front window of our home waiting for show up!  We didn't have a clue what to expect.  At one point, my older daughter, Haley, shouted, "Look! A little bird is flying back and forth in front of our window.  What does it mean?!"  We were all going a little crazy! 


Ding Dong... Our doorbell rang.  A man came to our door with two different colored  bouquets of pink and blue balloons and started singing.  A singing telegram!  This definitely was unique and so much fun!  As a child, I vividly remember my great aunt's 75th birthday.  A man dressed in a white suit came to the party and sang the most hysterical song that included funny memories we shared with my aunt.  It was such a memorable way to celebrate a big  milestone birthday.  

Having a singing telegram reveal the gender of our baby was very special!  The company she used was Charlotte Singing Telegram Company. Singing telegrams are unique additions to a birthday party, a corporate event, as a part of a wedding proposal or even as an apology.  

You can view our singing telegram HERE. We are so excited and look forward to welcoming our newest addition this summer! 

How did you find out the gender of your baby? I love to hear about it in the comments!   

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