In The Kitchen

As a busy mom, there are certain appliances that I use to help my meal prep go much faster! Here are some I recommend:

There's nothing this food processor won't chop. It comes with multiple blades. I used it to shred and freeze blocks of cheese before we went dairy free, slice carrots for soup, dice a ton of veggies all at once and make almond butter. The smaller the veggies are, the less of a chance the kids will pick them out of the meal. *wink* - mom hack

If you're attempting to try a Whole 30, you'll likely try and make your own mayo. This hand blender makes it super easy to do & incorporates all the ingredients perfectly. This is also great for making your own lattes or for pureeying soup directly in the pot.

This is the bread maker we use. It comes with a good recipe booklet too! The great thing about this appliance is that it will actually mix and bake an entire loaf of bread. Big timesaver! I also like to put the ingredients in here to make our own pizza dough. It takes 45 minutes & the dough is finished. I've easily been able to alter the pizza dough recipe that came with the book so that we can make whole wheat, refined sugar free, dough. It tastes amazing and is definitely healthier than take-out. 


The instant pot has been a huge time saver. I love the set it and forget it aspect of it. I linked the 6 Qt above but I do recommend the 8 Qt for large families.